Thousands of children in America are waiting for an answer to this question. These children in permanent state custody are waiting to find a stable, loving family. It's something most of them have never experienced because they were abused, neglected or abandoned. They need a safe and nurturing place they can call home. Through adoption, these children become part of a new family.

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Can I call your house my home?

Special Needs... Special Challenges... Special Rewards

Many people think of unwed mothers and newborn infants when they think of adoption. Most of the children who wait for families, however, are “special needs” children. This means they may wait longer for families because they are school-aged, because they are brothers and sisters who need a home together, because they belong to a racial minority, or because they have special physical, mental or behavioral needs. Yes, these children may present greater parenting challenges, but the rewards of helping these children achieve their potential are enormous!

"A family for every child is the goal of All God's Children."

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Adoption for All God's Children